Nice to have ice

I have to admit, it would actually be nice to do some ice climbing this year! Ice climbing is a fickle mistress and it’s not just the warm cycles causing dangerous conditions that can keep you from the crags. Bad road conditions on the day you want to climb, wisdom tooth extraction, iffy lake crossings, rain, evening parties or just plain bad luck can be a factor. This year has indeed not been great for ice. At least not for Chris and me. Seems the further north you go the better the ice is and although it’s fattening up closer to home, we’ve not been out very much at all.

Quite a contrast to last year when we did get out. It had been a number of years since I climbed on ice but it was great to get back to it. And lead some easy routes. Being on the sharp end is always best. We got out a lot in Ontario and also managed a trip to the Adirondacks where we froze our asses off but had a blast.

Hopefully the season isn’t over for us yet this year! Hopefully we can get out! There have been a lot of reports of ATVs and snow mobiles breaking through ice this year, so one really wonders whether the lakes are quite as frozen as they should be. A couple of weeks ago in Muskoka they surely weren’t, compared to last year.

But for me, if we can’t get out on ice too much it’s not a disaster. I’m looking forward to the rock season and shedding weight and getting fit for it. It’s great to have alt.rock, the new bouldering gym in Barrie – a wonderful facility where you can train and get strong for Spring. All is not lost!