Exploration! January 5th 2019

Not all adventures end up with climbing. Some end up with exploring. You might find yourself driving for eight hours only to find that the whole weekend rains (it’s happened). Or in this case that moderate to warm winter temperatures have taken hold. And thus you explore. You don’t ice climb.

On the one hand you may call us out for not being foolhardy to get up on up frozen water. On the other hand, many a climber has peeled off and broken a leg as their axes slip through half-frozen seepage, their ice screws rip or their crampon catches on their descent. It’s true that Chris and I tend to air on the side of caution when climbing ice (and we don’t want to ruin the ice for everyone else).

So maybe enjoy some pictures instead of words…

Sherborne Lake
Chris walking on Sherborne Lake – not quite frozen where the water moves
Snow mobiles at Sherborne LAke
Snow mobiles at Sherborne Lake
Hawk Lake Dock
Big Hawk Lake Landing
Big Hawk Lake Landing
Algonquin Highlands
Looking (but not finding) hidden crags around the Algonquin Highlands
Lawrason Lake
Lawrason Lake – climbs not in 🙁 but forming 🙂
Lake Rosseau North
Lake Rosseau North – ice is good.