Diamond Lake! 17th Feburary!

This might just be the best winter ever! At least ever… YET! This weekend we headed to Diamond Lake to schmooch around the crag.

It was my first time at this amazing location and as is always true with exploration, you do more looking at the scenery with mouth-wide-open than climbing… although we did actually climb it wasn’t as much as we would have liked. Go figure.

Parked at the trail head.

It’s quite a slog from Aurora to Diamond Lake. I left the house around 5:45am (yes, late) and picked Chris up at 6:30am on the dot.

We drove three hours and stopped off at Timmy’s for coffee and donuts a couple of times at least. It was great to meet Randy and John for a brief minute in Bancroft Timmy’s car park.

They were headed to Sherborne Lake and had two snowmobiles attached to the back of their truck. Again with the snowmobiles. Must get one next winter!

The cliff at Diamond Lake. Stunning.
Where Egis Dare 5, 5.4R! A classic Diamond Lake route!

There were a few parties on the ice around the Gardian Angel area. We ended up snowshoeing around to the Thunderdome area and soloed the Diamond Couloir, 1 to the top to see if we could set a top rope up on Kermit’s Finger, 4.

The snow on the summit was up to our hips and it was difficult to find the right place to top rope from without falling off the cliff, so we backed off and rapped the couloir. But it was an adventure all the same!

Chris looking for Kermit’s Finger, 4.
The Thunderdome Area. FREEZING! Like REALLY cold!
Gotta have a crag selfie! You gotta look bad ass even if you are not (we are not)!

We spent the rest of the day mincing around the crag and exploring before heading back to the car and the long drive home.

We took a stop in Bancroft to see a totally empty crag and then at the newly opened Bow Lake and Ghost Crag to see if it had had any traffic. A little.

The view from the top of the Diamond Lake Crag. Pure gorgeousness!
Chris rapping down the Diamond Couloir, 1.